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Bahama Woodstar Farm

Bahama Woodstar Farm was born from necessity to be able to reconnect through joy and a lively encounter with food, from being active in growing, harvesting and delicately preparing nutritious, seasonal produce for all our guests and a vibrantly alive farm-to-table menu full of tasty offerings.

Bahama Woodstar Farm is named after one of only three endemic bird species to the Bahamas. This Hummingbird feeds off nectar and has the greatest flight capacity of any bird, with the fastest metabolic rate and the biggest heart of any warm-blooded mammal relative to size. A similarity seen in the people of the Bahamas, with their big hearts and supreme athletic prowess, as evidenced by the highest olympic gold medals awarded per capita!

Farm-to-Preschool Community Project

Humans need to see and feel the connection between themselves and their natural environment, for a deeper appreciation of where our food comes from and how our planet and the natural world sustains us.

TSC is serving Head Start Academy school lunches daily that are highly nutritious, fresh, local, seasonal, and culturally authentic.


Sparking inspiration in a new generation!